Jack Thompson Construction

Founded in 1981

Let us make your dream home come true

There is a deep human need to be surrounded by beauty and serenity. Jack combines timber and stone in such a way to let the beauty of nature flow into the home, creating a serene place of refuge. When you walk into one of our homes, you will be struck by the fact that this home was built by people who cared about every detail.

Jack is a skilled craftsman, with over 40 years of woodworking experience. Everyone involved in the construction process is carefully chosen for their integrity, experience and ability to create a home that will last a lifetime and be passed on to the next generation.

Our Mission

To help our customers achieve their dreams by building quality, energy efficient homes. The homes we create are customized in such a way that they are a true reflection of their owners’ life and lifestyle.

Choosing a Builder

Choosing a builder is one of the largest decisions you will make in your lifetime.

What makes a good builder?

In one word “experience.” Building a home is a series of decisions – thousands of them – and there is no teacher like experience.

Jack’s experience sets him apart head and shoulders above the other builders. In fact, he has the amazing record of being a licensed contractor in the state of Oregon for over 30 years without a single, solitary claim on his bond, not even a complaint. This means you can expect a trouble free, quality home that will last a lifetime.

Jack Thompson bio

Jack founded his construction company in 1981. Jack is a native Oregonian whose family pioneered the Rogue Valley in the late 1800’s. His passions are in the outdoor hobbies, which include: rafting, hunting, fishing, hiking and horseback riding. He is a hands on guy, involved in all stages of construction from start to finish. A multi-talented, skilled craftsman. He can build any style – Contemporary, Craftsman, and Tuscan – to name a few. His favorite – North West Lodge style is featured here. He likes to use lots of beams – log or timber to create a grandiose feel. The use of stone and exotic woods allows natures beauty to flow into his homes.

Our Pacific Northwest Lodge Style

These are energy efficient, conventionally framed homes. By combining log or timber accents, with cutting edge energy saving technology, you get the best of both worlds – the look of a log or timber framed home with the advantage of energy efficiency, without all the maintenance issues of a log home. A combination of log and timber accents can give that “lodge” look without all the problems. On the interior side, we are careful not to overdo the wood – using contrast with painted walls and crown molding and elegant door trim to accent and complement the architecture. Nothing is more boring than solid wood from floor to ceiling. Jack insists on designing your house to your lot to take advantage of views, solar access and the natural slope of the lot. We situate the home to save as many trees as possible. We often use the trees taken from the home site in the house itself. You can’t get any greener than that. It is reassuring to see a tree used in the structure and becoming a thing of beauty rather than turned into chips.